May 6 2005

Book Short: More on Email Marketing

Book Short:  More on Email Marketing

My friend Bill Nussey’s The Quiet Revolution in Email Marketing is a good read for those in the industry.  It’s a little different in focus than our recently published book, Sign Me Up!, and in many ways is a good complement.

Bill develops a good framework for Customer Communication Management (CCM) based on his experience as CEO of SilverPop, one of the leading email marketing companies.  He builds on Seth Godin’s permission framework and applies it directly to email marketing, point by point.  He addresses head on every email marketer’s nightmare, when you tell someone what you do for a living, and the person replies “oh, you’re a spammer.”

The book also has a wonderful quote from Bill’s SilverPop colleague Elaine O’Gorman:  “Locking down email policies and enforcement too tightly i like cooking a potato in the microwave.  If you don’t poke some holes in the potato before turning on the microwave, you’ll be doing a lot of clearning up afterwards.”