Mar 9 2023

Patience vs. Impatience

Patience and Impatience are both critical tools in the founder toolbelt. That sounds kind of funny since they’re at odds with each other. Let me explain.

Patience is hard, but there are some things that require it. As they say metaphorically about Product, nine women can’t make a baby in a month. Products needs to be built, tested in the wild, marinate with clients. GTM motions take time to figure out. Brands take time to build unless you have billions to throw at the problem. Bread takes time to rise.  Patience is a really useful tool when people on your team or board get itchy for success and you need to calm them down and keep them focused.

Impatience, on the other hand, is easy, and you have to moderate it. Once we have a vision…don’t we want it to become reality yesterday? Why is that roadmap item taking so damn long? Where’s the blog post? We already agreed to terms on the financing, why do the lawyers need to take 60 days and $50,000 to paper it?

How do you know when to use which tool?

Be patient with the seemingly impossible – changing the world, changing people’s habits, changing thoughts and perceptions all take time. But be impatient with those eminently possible and important items – the things someone on the team or you need to knock off a to do list to advance the business.

Most of all, be impatient for success and tangible signs of progress. Turning your vision into a viable business requires that kind of fire within you.