Jul 7 2011

Return Path Core Values

Return Path Core Values

At Return Path, we have a list of 13 core values that was carefully cultivated and written by a committee of the whole (literally, every employee was involved) about 3 years ago.

I love our values, and I think they serve us incredibly well — both for what they are, and for documenting them and discussing them publicly.  So I’ve decided to publish a blog post about each one (not in order, and not to the exclusion of other blog posts) over the next few months.  I’ll probably do one every other week through the end of the year.  The first one will come in a few minutes.

To whet your appetite, here’s the full list of values:

  1. We believe that people come first
  2. We believe in doing the right thing
  3. We solve problems together and always present problems with potential solutions or paths to solutions
  4. We believe in keeping the commitments we make, and communicate obsessively when we can’t
  5. We don’t want you to be embarrassed if you make a mistake; communicate about them and learn from them
  6. We believe in being transparent and direct
  7. We challenge complacency, mediocrity, and decisions that don’t make sense
  8. We value execution and results, not effort on its own
  9. We are serious and passionate about our job and positive and light-hearted about our day
  10. We are obsessively kind to and respectful of each other
  11. We realize that people work to live, not live to work
  12. We are all owners in the business and think of our employment at the company as a two-way street
  13. We believe inboxes should only contain messages that are relevant, trusted, and safe

Do these sound like Motherhood and Apple Pie?  Yes.  Do I worry when I publish them like this that people will remind me that Enron’s number one value was Integrity?  Totally.  But am I proud of my company, and do I feel like we live these every day…and that that’s one of the things that gives us massive competitive advantage in life?  Absolutely!  In truth, some of these are more aspirational than others, but they’re written as strong action verbs, not with “we will try to” mushiness.

I will start a tag for my tag cloud today called Return Path core values.  There won’t be much in it today, but there will be soon!