Dec 6 2010

Turn it up to Eleven!

Turn it up to Eleven!

For some reason, I didn’t do this the very first year I started writing OnlyOnce, but on December 6 every year since then, I’ve marked the anniversary of Return Path‘s founding here.

In the midst of an otherwise fantastic year, this hasn’t been a particularly good couple of weeks for us.  We have been targeted by a company we’ve never heard of before for a lawsuit that angrily denounced our business, and while the suit doesn’t have a shred of merit, it will probably cost us an arm and leg to make it go away.  And the recent phishing attack incident is a long way from being behind us as well.  We’ll come through both of these fine, and stronger, as we have with all our challenges of the past 11 years, but it does make some days feel a bit long.

That said, today is our 11th anniversary, and we should all celebrate that con gusto! To paraphrase Nigel from Spinal Tap said, we’re going to turn things up to 11 this year.

There’s no finer group of people to work with than my colleagues and directors at RP, there’s no more exciting business to be a part of, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the journey that we started back in 1999.  I won’t say I’m looking forward to the next 11 years, because that’s way too hard to wrap my head around, but I will say Happy Anniversary Return Path!

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