Aug 30 2006

Book Short: And It’s Not Just Because I’m In It

Book Short:  And It’s Not Just Because I’m In It

Debbie Weil’s The Corporate Blogging Book is a good super quick read for any CEO or senior executive who is contemplating starting a blog — or even better, for those who have decided not to do so.

Weil’s writing style is great and very informal (blog-like, in fact) – a representative snippet is where she tells readers that there are two types of information to worry about posting on a blog, in her words, “stuff you don’t to reveal and stuff you could get sued for.”  And her range of topics is great and deals with issues head-on. Things like fear of losing control, time commitment, and ghost writing are all well covered.

Chapter 8 also includes a great Cliff’s Notes guide to web 2.0 technologies — RSS, podcasting, wikis, tagging — which is useful if you still Feel Like a Luddite about those things.

I did contribute a couple interviews to the book, as did most of the other oft-cited CEO bloggers like Mark Cuban and Jonathan Schwartz in whose company I am somewhat embarrassed and humbled to be. But don’t let that deter you from picking up a copy if you are in the target audience!