Oct 20 2004

The Bush Dilemma

The Bush Dilemma

I think I’ve finally articulated The Bush Dilemma that I am having as a moderate Republican with the upcoming election. Here was my dialog with Fred, an ardent but utterly rational Democrat, the other night at dinner.

Matt: Kerry is clearly a much smarter person than Bush, but I tend to agree with Bush’s philosophy and positions on more issues than I do Kerry’s.

Fred: If you agree with him on the top 10 issues, then you should vote for him.

Matt: I agree with him on most of MY top 10 issues…but not on most of HIS top 10 issues.

Fred: That’s a dilemma.

I suspect many other moderate Republicans have this same dilemma. Whether they will vote for Kerry, not vote, or “hold their nose and vote for Bush” may determine the outcome on November 2.