Oct 17 2004

Giving Away State Secrets

Giving Away State Secrets

Ed Daciuk, one of my subscribers, questions me:

“I am wondering how a CEO who blogs balances the disparate goals of giving enough insight to be interesting but not give away trade secrets like positioning or financial drivers.”

Good question, and one that I thought about along with my prior posting. It’s a tough balance sometimes, but the goal is to stimulate thinking and communicate in broad strokes more than it is to detail things out, especially with non-public information.

So for example, in the prior posting, I didn’t mention the client’s name, industry, or location; the data was close but not exact; and I refrained from discussing some of Return Path’s efforts to solve this problem for clients. Despite those maskings, hopefully it was still an interesting posting with a couple of useful themes for marketers to stimulate their thinking.