Jul 2 2004

Not Perfect, But A Better Device

I am now a big fan of my new Treo 600. It’s not so new, I’ve had it for a couple of months, but I figured out a couple of things on it today that really throw it over the top in my book.

In general, it’s a very good convergence device. The combination of phone, Palm apps, and email is very well done. It needs a longer battery life, but it lasts for a full day with pretty heavy usage, which is acceptable. I love not carrying around both a phone and a blackberry any more.

The first thing that took it from being a good device to being a great one was our installation of the GoodLink Exchange server software. It is instantaneous, two-way wireless synch between the device and my Outlook profile. That means no docking, never being out of step with changes made to my profile in my office, and full access to all my Outlook folders, not just the inbox.

But what really made the difference for me was that I figured out how to rig the device to also be an MP3 player today. So now, on short business trips anyway, I am down to one device and one battery charger from three and three.

It’s a combination of Pocket-Tunes software on the device, an SD chip, which you can now get up to 1GB of storage (about 300 MP3 files), and an adaptor that connects my computer to the SD chip via USB to load the MP3 files. The sound quality is much better than I expected, although I do miss my ipod, and it plays both through headphones (you need an adaptor for that, too), and outloud using the phone’s speaker capabilities. So you have to do a little work to make it an MP3 player, but it’s worth it!

Now the only thing that has to happen is that Verizon needs to offer service on this device. T-Mobile’s coverage in NYC is awful.