New York

Driving Out of the Bubble

Driving Out of the Bubble It’s easy for those of us who live in the Internet bubble to confuse the words “startup” and “entrepreneur” with the word “technology.”  Every once in a while, I am struck by a fantastic entrepreneurial idea that’s low-tech or no-tech.  In the last few weeks, I’ve learned of two of them — oddly, very similar ideas.  They’re both going after the New York City black car limo market (all those car services that take business travelers to and from airports and meetings), which is a lucrative but kind of gritty business.  I’ve used black car services for 16 years now, and while I’ve found one that’s pretty good, they all have massive customer service problems…

Voting in Manhattan

Voting in Manhattan I’ve written about this before. I won’t focus on the pre-war (unclear which war) voting machines. But here was the conversation I had with the voting inspector when I checked in to vote this morning: Her: Name? Me: Matt Blumberg. Her: Sign here…ok…head over to booth #1. Me: That one? Her: Yes. Republican or Democrat? Me: Don’t you know that from my registration? Her: No. You have to tell me so I can disable half the ballot. Me: You mean it doesn’t matter which party I’m registered with? I can just pick one on the spot? Her: Welcome to Manhattan. Me: Huh. Ok. Republican. Her: Really? Huh. First one of the day. Not a lot of you around here. Poor Rudy. At least the Giants won.