Feb 5 2008

Voting in Manhattan

Voting in Manhattan

I’ve written about this before. I won’t focus on the pre-war (unclear which war) voting machines. But here was the conversation I had with the voting inspector when I checked in to vote this morning:

Her: Name?

Me: Matt Blumberg.

Her: Sign here…ok…head over to booth #1.

Me: That one?

Her: Yes. Republican or Democrat?

Me: Don’t you know that from my registration?

Her: No. You have to tell me so I can disable half the ballot.

Me: You mean it doesn’t matter which party I’m registered with? I can just pick one on the spot?

Her: Welcome to Manhattan.

Me: Huh. Ok. Republican.

Her: Really? Huh. First one of the day. Not a lot of you around here. Poor Rudy. At least the Giants won.