Aug 19 2021

Startup Boards eBook: How to Succeed in Your First Board Role

In addition to our work on helping CEOs understand board-building best practices, which I posted about last week, I’ve spent the past several months publishing a second series of blog posts to help current and aspiring directors (really, any senior executive!) understand the behind-the-scenes details of private company board service. This second series is also now an eBook and its content will also feature in the upcoming second edition of Startup Boards that I’m collaborating on with Brad Feld and Mahendra Ramsinghani.

When Bolster published the findings of our Board Benchmarking study, we revealed that 4 out of 5 seats on private company boards today are held by individuals who are white, and 86% of director seats are held by men.

And we also learned that 2 out of 3 CEOs are open to bringing on first-time directors to their boards, largely to help add some much-needed diversity to the most senior ranks of corporate service. To assist current and aspiring board directors out there, we decided to aggregate our team’s collective brainpower to shed light on how to get recruited for a board role, what to expect once you’re there, and how to make an impact.

You can see the full list of blog posts here:

You can download all of these in an eBook, How to Succeed in Your First Board Role, from the Bolster web site.

We hope this book helps inspire and empower you on your own journey as a board director. And if you’d like to get access to more exclusive content like this and be considered for a board role in the future, you can sign up as a Bolster member here.