Apr 3 2020

State of Colorado COVID-19 Innovation Response Team, Part V – Wrapping Up, Days 10-12

(This is the fifth post in a series documenting the work I did in Colorado on the Governor’s COVID-19 Innovation Response Team – IRT.  Other posts in order are 1, 2, 3, and 4.)

Thursday, March 26, Day 10

  • Sarah continuing to take over and stronger by the day
  • Sarah cleared me to go home, only one more person to ask
  • Deep deep dive on Mass Testing – so good to spend that time 
  • Pretty much got the strategy right – shocking we could get that close with so little public health experience – Kyle awesome – EOC leadership briefing
  • That was most of the day
  • Some downloads to Sarah and Kacey
  • Feeling that two of our project teams are going sideways – that will be a big focus for me tomorrow before I leave
  • Quick assignments for tomorrow
  • Talked to Jared – he’s good with me going now that Sarah is in place and things are running.  Awesome!

Friday, March 27,  Day 11

  • Download with a couple of the project teams to help get them back on track 
  • This whole thing is one big exercise in Agile!
  • Serendipitously might have found private sector partner for one of the teams in need.  Reminded of George’s great line, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”
  • Gov briefing on mass testing plan
  • Spent a lot of the day on strategy/overview/retrospective deck.  Have to review it with Brad and core team members. Gov wants to get it in front of the National Governors Association to share learnings/best practices for the states behind us in this fight
  • Gov thankful goodbye
  • Brad thank you Haiku – so awesome – “You see things others don’t see”
  • FInal team check-in, lots of nice thank yous from people on team
  • Close out drinks with Sarah, Kacey, Kyle – persevered despite lack of corkscrew.  Poor Kyle’s shirt looks like he was standing next to a shooting victim
  • Incredibly thankful moment with team – really like and care about these people – we’ve done such great work together – 11 days but feels like months and months
  • Close out email to Governor and Chief of Staff about team

Saturday, March 28, Day 12

  • Check out!  Fly home! Happy to see Mariquita, Casey, Wilson, and Elyse!

Stay tuned for two more wrap-up posts, tomorrow and the next day…