Jan 3 2013

Taking Stock, Part II

Taking Stock, Part II

Last year, I wrote about the three questions I ask myself at the beginning of every year to make sure my career is still on track. [https://onlyonceblog.wpengine.com/2012/01/taking-stock]   The questions are:

  1. Am I having fun at work?
  2. Am I learning and growing as a professional?
  3. Is my work financially rewarding enough, either in the short term or in the long term?

This year, I am adding a fourth suggestion following a great conversation I had a bunch of months back with Jerry Colonna, a great CEO coach, former VC, and all around great person.  Question four is:

Am I having the impact I want to have on the world?

This last question was probably always implicit in my first two questions – but I like calling it out separately.  All of us have purpose in our lives and impact on others, whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, clients, or some slice of broader humanity.  Asking whether that impact is present and enough is just another check and balance on my own operating system to make sure that I’m still on track with my own goals and values.

Happy New Year!