Sep 24 2009

The Gift of Feedback, Part III

The Gift of Feedback, Part III

Last week, I posted about my new development plan.  I thought I’d also share a “team development plan” that we crafted this year for the entire Executive Committee at Return Path (basically me and my direct reports), coming out of all of our 360 live reviews taken as a whole.

  1.  Push each other harder and be continuous in our effort to provide the team and each of us feedback and further develop:  Improve ability to handle conflict as a group; Drive this work deeper into the organization; “Eyes/ears/mouth open;”  Explore how to better serve as role models to the rest of the organization, especially our direct reports/the next level of management; How do we get the Level II to function in the way that we do?
  2. Getting messaging out/improve our communications as a team to the rest of the organization
  3. Be more hawkish with underperformers:  Exert a discipline in dealing with problems; Making tough calls that don’t feel very good; Do we accept mediocrity?
  4. Take responsibility for everyone as a group
  5. Do we have a team of A+ players?  How do we recruit them as we get bigger?  Can we attract the best?  Or pay differently?  Revisit incentive comp plan if we don’t feel like it’s working as intended?
  6. At least 2x/year comprehensively evaluate next level management to assess bench strength
  7. Goal: to have this executive team be the outlier and be able to grow and each and as a team be able to manage a $100MM company

Thanks to our friend Marc Maltz at Triad Consulting as always for facilitating these great sessions and distilling the learnings down into bite-sized pieces for us!

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