Sep 1 2008

Back to…

Back to…

I’m not in school any more, and as far as I can tell now, schools start before Labor Day for the most part, but it still feels like tomorrow is “back to school” for the working world. Business still hums along in August, and we’ve certainly had our hands full with one of the busiest months ever at Return Path, but somehow, the traditional end of the summer season still manages to have the trappings of a European August, with lots of people on vacation or doing more “work from home” days than usual.

As all that draws to a close today, at least for me personally, it’s Back to…lots of things:

– Back to New York! After a few weeks out of the city at our house in the mountains, it’s great to be back in Metropolis

– Back to shorter and more varied workouts! Training for my recent half marathon meant a lot of long runs and not much else. Now back to weights, pilates, elliptical, and swimming

– Back to more serious reading! I’ve read a bunch of trash over the summer. I was way overdue. My brain was starting to hurt. So I tuned out of almost all news, business books, and non-fiction for a month, and I plowed through enough murder mysteries to wallpaper a library (no doubt one populated by Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock)

– Back to business! A few days and half days off and some working from home behind me, it’s time to gear up for a very busy September and October. Always busy months with industry events and pre-holiday retail client frenzy, this year will be even busier as we work to integrate our recent acquisition of Habeas as well as complete a number of other big initiatives

So happy Labor Day, which Wikipedia notes was created in 1882 and federalized in 1894 as “a day off for its working citizens.”