May 15 2008

Morning Chuckle

Morning Chuckle

From an internal email thread we had here, mainly from Angela, our VP People:

So, I’ve just checked in at the Westin, I mean Wonderland.

AB: walk up hotel driveway, notices woman carrying odd looking dog
AB: looks more closely, not dog, pig
AB: looks again, pig is snorting, she is carrying said pig like a baby

Check In Desk

AB: hi, what’s up with the pig in the lobby (singular)?
Sally: oh yeah the pigs are here this week
AB: they are staying in the hotel? In the guest rooms?
Sally: uh huh
AB: blank stare
Sally: they all have names
AB: hmmm, really, pigs? Is there a convention? (I mean really, I was here during the bison convention, this seems like a logical question)
Sally: oh no no
AB: blank stare
Sally: they’re here for the ____ balloon festival
AB: ?
Sally: they’re the only pigs allowed to stay here
AB: the pigs go up in hot air balloons?
Sally: oh I’m not sure about that
AB: really.
Sally: they come every year, come down later I’m sure you’ll see them in the lobby

George, via email:  Welcome to Colorado. Next week is the ferret festival which is not quite as much fun.

Angela’s update: This AM in the lobby there were 2 pigs engaged in a rigorous Clinton/Obama debate. One of them *almost* spilled her latte she was so wound up.