May 11 2008

Blogiversary, Part IV

Blogiversary, Part IV

Four years on, as the British would say, OnlyOnce is going strong.  Cumulative stats show a steady 457 posts, about one every three days on average (same as it’s been all along), and a scant 409 non-spam comments. Maybe some day I’ll start being more edgy and provocative.  Or prolific.  Or Twitterific.  Or something.

Looking back over my initial “how’s it going” post and the last three anniversary posts, I’d say my reasons for blogging, out of my four original ones, have consolidated now around “Thinking” (writing short posts helps me crystallize my thinking) and “Employees” (one of our senior people once called reading OnlyOnce “getting a peek inside Matt’s head).  But I’d also add two new raisons d’etre to the list:

Book Reviews:  it’s not that I enjoy reading my own book reviews so much as I am glad I’m compiling a list of the business books I’m reading and what I think of them.  While it’s not comprehensive (I limit the blogging to business books, probably about 50% of what I read), it’s come in handy a few times to have a little online library for my own reference.

I like it:  I really, really enjoy writing.  I used to write all the time when I was younger.  High school newspaper editor, creative writing magazine founder, and all that.  I miss it.  Blogging is probably the only form of prose I regularly write now.  And it’s great.  The reawakening and sharpening of my writing skills has even inspired me to dive into a couple creative writing exercises, short stories mostly, in the past year.  So I just like doing it.

And isn’t that reason enough to do something?