Apr 1 2008

What's the Response Rate on This Campaign?

What’s the Response Rate on This Campaign?

This is a doosie.  I will hide names to protect the guilty, but I just received my third form letter in the last five years from the CEO of one of the big public companies in the direct marketing space inviting me to sell Return Path to him.  It was delivered via FedEx with some of the company’s marketing materials and public financial reporting. 

All I will note is the ironic list of ways that this letter does not conform to direct marketing best practices:

  • It’s not personal
  • It’s only theoretically relevant
  • Behavioral targeting would catch that similar mailings in the past haven’t generated a response
  • Treating solicitation of a CEO about M&A like it’s a pre-approved credit card offer isn’t exactly congruent with the message of "come join the team"

Oh and of course this one, in this day and age of consumer choice:

  • I can’t unsubscribe from future similar mailings