Mar 13 2007

I Hope I Didn’t Make You Sick, Too

I Hope I Didn’t Make You Sick, Too

Fellow entrepreneur and MyWay blogger Chris Yeh takes me to task for my post last week entitled Humbled at TED.  Although his blog post was pretty harsh on me — saying essentially that I’d lost my brain and made him sick by fawning over celebrities (which I didn’t do) — his comment on my blog was a little more measured, just reminding me that people like Bill Clinton is human and puts his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.

I think Chris missed my main point, and since he decided to go public blasting me, I’ll repeat here what I emailed him privately before he decided to blog this:

Oh I don’t put them on that much of a pedestal, although perhaps my post sounded like that. My comments are more driven by a combination of:

– the great things they’ve done for humanity as opposed to the more mundane commercial that most of us do

– the immense knowledge of specialists in fields I know little about

– the level of intellectual discourse among the regular attendees…more than I see on a daily basis by 10x

Plus, pedestal or not, it isn’t every day that one sees Clinton, Bezos, Khosla, Branson, and Brin/Page all in the same room at once. 🙂

Anyway, thanks for the comment. I may blog it and my response.

Still, Chris’s main comment to me is probably a good one, which is that “treating the successful as if they were on another plane simply perpetuates the belief that you’ll never achieve the same kind of success.”  And on that point, he’s 100% right.  There is greatness and success in all of us, whether we’ve tapped into it yet or not.