Jul 27 2006

Your Goal: Professional Nirvana

Your Goal:  Professional Nirvana

Brad wrote a delightful post the other day entitled "My Work is Play to Me."  His theory about how to achieve it is worth reading.  I, too believe that my work is play (under this definition), and that has been one of the things that’s kept me going as an entrepreneur for nearly seven years now.  And you don’t have to be a VC, or a CEO, or be working remotely to achieve the state.

This is reminiscent of the Fish books (here, here, and here), although in a more fundamental, philosophical, internally-generated way.  Those are good, quick "airport" reads — at least get the first one, which is the story about the famous Pike Place fish market in Seattle, which is a great place and experience.

This is easy.  Repeat after me:

If you have a job, your goal should be to make your work play.

If you manage other people, your goal should be to make work play for anyone on your team.