Dec 5 2005

Deliverability Resources

Deliverability Resources

After my last posting on email deliverability, a few people emailed me to ask about different resources that Return Path has published over the last six months or so on the subject. 

Clicking this link will take you to the white paper download form on our web site, which has all the white papers we’ve written in the past 12 months or so listed, and the most recent one on deliverability pre-checked to get you started.  You can check as many of the boxes you want in one shot, and although the download will trigger an email and/or call from someone in our sales department, you can simply respond to the email and tell them thanks but no thanks if you’re not interested in learning more about our services (of course, you’re also welcome to take the call if you’re interested). 

Anyway, deliverability topics we’ve covered of late which are on this list inclue:

Email Blocking and Filtering Report

Beyond Authentication: Keys to Email Delivery Success

Bonded Sender Increases Email Deliverability by more than 20%

Email Accreditation Programs: What Is All the Buzz About?

Back to the Basics: Deliverability 101 – Getting your email into the inbox

Email Indigestion: How to Avoid Deliverability Failures by Optimizing Your Permission Practices

Email Deliverability Rates Impacted by Time Campaigns Sent

The Secret Role of the Email Address Book…and what it means for your email delivery

How Data Partners Impact Your Email Performance: The checklist for all email aquisition marketers to live by.

Avoiding the Spam Filter Trap