Oct 21 2005

Return Path Blog is Up

Return Path Blog is Up

Today we launched our new corporate web site at Return Path.  We’re trying an experiment.  We’ve reinvented large portions of the site as a corporate blog (for those of you who follow Fred’s blog, the two of us just realized last week that we had both done this to our companies’ web sites at the same time without knowing it).

As I said in my introductory post on the new site, we’re casting the blog as an Online Resource Center for Email Marketers.  There are no hard and fast rules for how corporate blogs are supposed to work, so we’re experimenting with it.  I hope all of our friends, employees, customers, and investors, as well as journalists who cover online marketing, and other marketers who care about email, subscribe to it and give it a shot — and also give us feedback. 

Since there aren’t a lot of precedents for good corporate blogs, we’ve created the following guidelines for ourselves in publishing this blog:

    * We will treat you the way a publisher would treat you — as a valued, paying subscriber
    * We will give you a new and deeper level of access to our and industry data and experts
    * We will respond to your feedback and comments promptly and not defensively
    * We will not clutter up the Resource Center with third-party advertising
    * We reserve the right to occasionally post about Return Path, but not in an annoying way

I hope these are reasonable, and if they work, I hope others will adopt them as well.

My personal blog, OnlyOnce, will continue to exist in its current form, and I will follow Fred’s lead and cross-post between the two blogs whenever it’s relevant.  So I’d encourage you to have a look at the new Return Path site, and feel free to subscribe to our blog via RSS, or by entering your email address in the top of the "Feed Me!" form on our home page.  We promise you a regular, but not overbearing, stream of interesting facts and insights into email marketing from me, George Bilbrey, Stephanie Miller, and many others on the Return Path team like that you won’t be able to get anywhere else!