Jun 27 2005

Wanted: VP Marketing – A-Players Only!

Wanted:  VP Marketing – A-Players Only!

I’m going to try an experiment and post a job description on my blog.  We’ll see how this works!

Return Path is looking for its next head of marketing.  Jennifer Wilson, our current and long-standing VP Marketing, is going out on maternity leave in the fall and is going to return afterwards in a part-time capacity, so we’re looking for someone new to join the team and help take the company to the next level.

Most of the details are in the job description, but the vitals are:
– Based in NYC or Denver, CO
– Must have previous experience running a marketing effort
– Mix of B2C and B2B, but B2B is probably more critical
– Mix of branding/positioning/messaging and sales lead generation
– Don’t have to be an expert in the email marketing industry (though that’s a plus)
– Someone will succeed here if he/she is super smart, is open to new ideas, is an excellent communicator and writer, and has a great sense of humor

If you’re interested, you can download the job description (pdf format) here.