Aug 25 2004

Wrap-up on Preferences?

In this Olympic Season, Brad gets the gold medal and possibly world record for longest post with his excellent posting on Participating Preferred securities. Fred gets the silver with his contribution on The Double Dip. Dave Jilk and others share the bronze for their many comments.

I won’t add more to the debate but will try to close it by tying together a few of these postings. Fred and Brad both wrote subsequent postings on the related themes of If It Looks Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is and Fantasy vs. Reality. These comments could easily be applied to my thoughts on VCs being silly about bidding up crazy long shot concepts and committing Venture Fratricide.

And of course, it begs the new media version of the age-old question: if a web service costs $25 million to build and then falls into the ether while investors and management sheepishly turn their backs, does it make any noise?