Aug 18 2004

A More Cynical View of VCs

Steve Bayle has a similar posting to my How to Negotiate a Term Sheet posting from a couple weeks ago. While he has a lot of good points, his view is far more cynical than mine. I think an entrepreneur can be friends with his or her investors and board members and that their interests for the company are more often than not aligned. Of course an entrepreneur’s personal career goals may differ from an investor’s goals for the company, but that’s apples and oranges.

As long as both parties behave like grown ups, have a healthy dose of self-awareness, communicate openly, regularly, and clearly, and realize that successful business relationships require no less effort than successful marriages, the entrepreneur/VC relationship can work brilliantly. Call me an idealist (or maybe it’s just that I have great VCs), but entrepreneurship is all about making things a reality, isn’t it?