Jeff Jarvis

Great Exchange on Newspapers’ Future

Great Exchange on Newspapers’ Future Dave Morgan and Jeff Jarvis trade excellent thoughts here on the future of newspapers.  Read the posts in this order: Jarvis:  Why newspapers aren’t making it in the new world (and what they can do about it) Morgan:  What they can do about it (disaggregate their vertically integrated business models) Jarvis:  Disaggregate even further! The exchange is really thought-provoking about other forms of traditional media whose businesses are being turned upside down by the Internet.  Yellow Pages.  Music.  Movies.  The current Hollywood writers’ strike may actually be unsolvable with the Movie and TV industry’s current structure.

It’s a Sad Day When the Lawyers Take Over

It’s a Sad Day When the Lawyers Take Over With all due respect to lawyers, of course, Google’s recent decision to start making a legal fuss when people in the media use the word “Google” as a verb is NUTS.  Someone, get Marketing on Line 1 — and make it snappy.  Steve Rubel wrote about it, as did Jeff Jarvis, and the source material is here. For the record, anyone who wants to use any of the following words or phrases as a verb, noun, or any other part of speech, may do so at any time:  Return Path, Sender Score, Authentic Response, Postmaster Direct.  Oh, and then there’s ECOA, the service we pioneered in 2000 that *is* occasionally (in…